Hottest Guy Competition

Welcome to the 2014 YA/NA Hottest Guy Competition hosted by My Crazy Corner.

This year we are going to fight it out MMA style. Our contestants will go head to head against each other. The winners will move to round three and then the top two will move on to round three where they will knock it out head to head.

I can’t wait to see who wins in these awesome fights.

You can start voting for your first round winners beginning October 2nd!

But before you do that, meet our fighters below!

The Contestants:

Name:  Tyler Young

Novel:  Commitment

Author:  Heather Dahlgren


Name:  Seth Arden

Novel:  Glow

Author:  Amy Kathleen Ryan

Name: Tyler Rushing
Novel: Tyler's Undoing
Author: L.P. Dover

Age: 28 years old
Hair: Blond, almost white
Eyes: Gray
Relationship status: Single and fucking loving it. What's not to like about getting the honor of sampling different varieties, you know what I mean?

Profession: Part time bouncer for the Labyrinth and UFC Heavyweight fighter. Kyle Andrews is going down when I get into the ring with that cocksucker. Once that's done I'll be the Heavyweight champion.

Poison of choice: Straight shot of Patron or any type of whiskey

Things I love to do: I love to fight and wrestle with women in the bedroom. There's something about having them tap out that turns me on. I also love to work at my family's gym which I'll soon own once my father retires.

Pet peeve: I don't like knowing the names of the women I sleep with. It's not like I'm going to stick around long enough to remember it so I'd prefer not wasting time talking when their mouths could be doing something else.


Name:  Heathe

Novel:  Revelations

Author:  Hally Willmott


Name:  Vincent

Novel:  Revelations

Author:  Hally Willmott


Name:  Chase Black

Novel:  My Tethered Soul

Author:  Dorothy Dreyer

Name:  Gavin Murray

Novel:  My Sister's Reaper

Author:  Dorothy Dreyer

Name: Beckett Nash
Author: Amber Garza

Age: 21

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Hobbies: Singing, writing music, playing guitar

Favorite band: My band, Beckett, of course.

Favorite book: I’m too busy making music to read a damn book.

Favorite Quote: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”  Mae West


Name:  Nolan Ryan

Novel:  Who We Were

Author:  Christy Sloat

Name:  David

Novel:  Fire In The Woods

Author:  Jennifer M. Eaton

Name:  Tommy
Novel:  The Making of Nebraska Brown
Author:  Louise Caiola

To the world he is Thomas Borelli: young, handsome, wealthy Italian businessman, always in control. Three-piece suits, silk ties and an eye for the finer things in life. But behind closed doors he is Tommy: playful, sexy, attentive, even doting. He will charm you with a champagne picnic on the beach at sunset. Disarm you with soulful eyes that promise he could never love another. You will want to keep him as your own. He will see to that. You’ll want to trust him with your secrets, your life. But as Ann Leigh/Ana learns, she isn’t the only one with two identities. And trusting a man like Tommy isn’t as easy as you think. Find out for yourself. The Making of Nebraska Brown by Louise Caiola.

Name:  Ketchup

Novel:  Wicked Hunger

Author:  Delsheree Gladden

Name:  Mason

Novel:  Invisible

Author:  Delsheree Gladden


Name:  Gaire

Novel:  Forget Me

Author:  Susan Stec

Name:  Braiden Conner

Novel:  Torn True Love

Author:  Kristen Ferguson

Name:  Ethan Brooks

Novel:  Summer Demons

Author:  Mia Hoddell

Name:  Jackson Ruiz

Novel:  The Stern and Wild Ones
Author:  Reece Evhans

Name:  Remy Giles

Novel:  The Charge of A Star
Author:  Reece Evhans


Name:  Blake

Novel:  Hidden Monsters
Author:  Amanda Strong

Name:  Reid Shaw

Novel:  Let Her Sleep
Author:  Gail Wagner

Name:  Ryven Blackmore

Novel:  Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge
Author:  Denice Garrou

Name:  Eric Shone

Novel:  True Colors
Author:  Melissa Pearl

Name:  Luke Green

Novel:  Molten Heart
Author: L. L. Hunter

Aecker Halt

Novel:  Dead of Night
Author: Carlyle Labuschagne

Name:  Lord Knight Elendir

Novel:  The Ghosts of the Past
Author: Laurel A. Rockefeller

Meet Lord Knight Elendir of house Ten-Ar from planet Beinan (represented here by British actor Richard Mann) along with his personal heraldry. Elendir is a contender for hottest character -- not just for his striking good looks and proper manners, but for being the flawed medieval science fiction hero we all want fighting on our side. He appears in the prologue of The Great Succession Crisis before taking center stage in Laurel A. Rockefeller's The Ghosts of the Past.

As a young man, Elendir finds himself vulnerable to his hormones, easily manipulated by shrewd and intelligent women bent on distracting Elendir from his quest to solve the mystery of his father’s death in hopes of finding peace. This vulnerability threatens to destroy planet Beinan in ways Elendir himself fails to recognize until it is almost too late.

Across The Ghosts of the Past Elendir grows personally, eventually finding peace, marrying, and becoming a father himself to his son Corann. Though from another galaxy, Elendir is very real, facing the same challenges we do, not always successfully but never daunted by what life throws at him.

Name:  Brecken Shaefer

Novel:  Reluctant Guardian

Author: Melissa J. Cunningham

Eyes: Deep blue

Hair: Dark brown

Hobbies: Lacrosse, girls, and trouble. Not necessarily in that order.

People call me a bad-boy. I'm rough around the edges and tend to act like a rebel, but inside I hate the facade... until I find out it's not a facade. I find out I'm not just a normal seventeen-year-old kid after all. I'm someone else entirely, but I didn't remember until it was almost too late. It was almost my undoing. It was almost Alisa's undoing, which I can't stand, because I would never do anything to hurt her. Once I learned who I really was, there didn't seem to be an outcome that wouldn't hurt us both.


Name: Caleb Alexander Morgan


Author: Natalie Decker

I’m a senior in high school and plan on having the most amazing year ever. I’m the quarterback for Delmont High, home of the Bobcats. I hate the Harris Academy Bulldogs and my vow is to destroy them this football season.

My parents died in a horrible car accident. Yes, I miss them a lot but it’s not so bad because I still have Uncle Brian. He’s actually pretty cool for a Chemistry teacher. But then my uncle had to save some woman from face planting into a row of bleachers at one of my games. At first, it’s not a huge deal, until they start to get way serious. Now, she’s moving in and bringing her daughter along. Again, not a huge deal except for the fact her daughter is a Harris Academy Bulldog. I can’t have the enemy in my house!

Skylar Fletcher is smart, beautiful, and she pushes my buttons. If she were a nobody at Harris Academy, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But this isn’t the case, everyone knows her. She’s a state champion swimmer and helped lead her softball team to states. The girl is by definition a beast and will be the death of me. Because as much as I try to ignore and fight it, I’m falling in love with her. Now, I need to protect her at all costs.

Name:  Damian Lowell

Novel:  Love Always, Kate

Author: D. Nichole King

Name:  Taj

Novel:  Blonde OPS

Author: Charlotte Bennardo

Stats: Black hair, dark eyes, 150 lbs, 5’11”, 19 yo.

Background: Yes, I blog about haute couture—and beautiful women—in exotic locations around the world. I dress like a model, but I don’t like the camera or revealing anything about myself. I have…secrets.

Name:  Emmet Bridges

Novel:  Southern Perfection

Author: Casey Peeler

Name:  Jackalope Joe

Novel:  Full Circle Series

Author: Casey Peeler

Name:  Cash Montgomery

Novel:  Full Circle Series

Author: Casey Peeler

Name:  Damien Michaels
Novel:  Lingering Echoes

Author: Erica Kiefer

My name is Damien Michaels. At nineteen years-old, I live in a cabin, enjoying the solitude of the mountains. It’s been two years since the decisions I made as a teenager changed my life forever. The locals refer to me as a rebel hiding from my past. Maybe they’re right. But at least up here I’m not faced with the rumors and accusations that plague me.

Then I met Allie, a girl trying her best to hide her own pain and secrets. But those beautiful, sorrowful hazel eyes give her away, and I can’t stop myself from being drawn to her—even if it puts us both at risk.

Age: 19
Height: 6’2”
Favorite Hobby: Dirt biking on my Honda CR 500.
Hometown: Hayward, California. Near Oakland.
Distinguishing features:
Allie would describe my eyes as “piercing, grey-blue”. She compared them once to the eyes of Siberian Huskies. Not sure how I feel about that.
I also have a tattoo on my left bicep and a large, hidden scar. Don’t ask me about them.


Name:  Aidan Levi Montgomery
Novel:  Duty Bound

Author: Stormy Smith


Name:  Finn Armstrong
Novel:  The After Light Saga
Author: Cameo Renae

Name:  Tristan Pierce
Novel:  The Apprentice
Author: K.L. Penington

Name: Tristan Pierce

Hometown: Carterton, England

Tristan has always put his duty to the Council first. So when he’s assigned as Emma LeFay’s bodyguard, the job seems easy enough. There’s just one small problem: he’s in love with her. Emma is the one person able to see beyond Tristan’s mask of sarcasm and sociopathic tendencies, a rare insight that offers more danger than peace of mind. So when the chance arises for Tristan to take a new position among the Council—one that not only allows him to resume the life of a warrior, but also pursue his one true love—the decision once again appears simple. But at the cost of leaving Emma’s fate in the hands of someone else—someone who isn’t him—things suddenly don’t look very black and white anymore. Will Tristan leave everything he knows behind to live the life he always imagined, or give everything up for the one girl he can’t have?


Name:  Evin LeFay
Novel:  The Apprentice
Author: K.L. Penington

Name: Evin LeFay
Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

Nothing has been the same for Evin since moving to Boston. For one thing, a serious relationship with any girl was never in the cards—until he met Claire. The sudden development of telekinetic abilities and dragon-like qualities was another game-changer, as was the prophecy of Evin being destined to save the Realms. For the first time in his life, Evin can’t rely on his charm and light-hearted sarcasm to make things better. All the while, Evin is expected to pass high school. No pressure or anything. His recent celebrity status amongst the Otherworld doesn’t make matters much easier, putting both Evin and his twin in more danger than ever before. With the looming threat of war, and his friends’ safety hanging on the line, Evin is ready to take charge of things, but at what risk?

Name:  Kit
Novel:  Who Are You Really?
Author: Margo Kelly


Name: Blake Hennessy

Age: 123

Born: Boston Towne

Currently Resides: Coronado Bay

About Me: I died in 1908 when the Black Lady sank off the shore of Massachusetts. Because of Gavin Hamlin's black magic, he and I, and several of the crew, remained tied to the ship as ghosts. When the ship got pulled up and put on display at the Coronado Bay museum, I found myself attempting once more to stop Gavin from opening a demonic gateway to another dimension. He'd have done it, too, if it wasn't for Maya Blair, who is a Seer. I knew the moment I saw her she was special, because, her touch made me solid again, able to walk the earth as long as I was with her. Now, with Gavin banished into his demonic realm, Maya and I are courting. Seeing each other, in her words. Our relationship continues to be tense, however, because neither of us is ready to consummate it. To do so would remove her power to bring ghosts permanently back to life. And she may need to do that in the future. Plus, there's also our worry that Gavin might not be gone forever. We never did find his body.

Name:  Easton and Matias
Novel:  Captured
Author: Kelly Anne Blount

Name:  Tristan
Novel:  Waken
Author: Angela Fristoe

Name:  Micah
Novel:  Heal Me
Author: Angela Fristoe


Name:  Nathan
Novel:  Lie To Me
Author: Angela Fristoe

Name:  Bodie Scott
Novel:  Ex Factor
Author: Elisa Dane

Name:  Claaron Graywyne
Novel:  Fire of Star and Dragons
Author: Melissa Petreshock

Name:  Corrin mac Cedric
Novel:  Fire of Star and Dragons
Author: Melissa Petreshock

Name:  Dante Berkano
Novel:  Fire of Star and Dragons
Author: Melissa Petreshock

Name:  Theo Pendragon
Novel:  Fire of Star and Dragons
Author: Melissa Petreshock

Name:  Maxwell Knight

Novel:  Something Great Series
Author: Mary Ting

Maxwell Knight

Something Great Series

Owner of Knight Fashion Magazine.
Six feet tall
Soft brown eyes.
Loves cars and Jenna

Hey ladies, I'm Dexter MacFadden.  I know, I know ... I'm easy on the eyes.  My looks are second only to my talent.  Photography is my passion and women are my purpose.  I guess, maybe not my only purpose, but it sure does make me feel good giving back to the less fortunate.

Standing right around six feet tall, it's not the height that draws in the women ... it probably has something to do with my eyes that are so damn mesmerizing, I get lost in them sometimes when I stare in the mirror.

I don't really do the whole "dating" thing, so I better not say what my perfect date would be like.  If you're interested in finding out more about me, you could always check out this book that Ashley Suzanne wrote detailing my extra curriculars.  I think she called it Calling Card.  A little play on the business card I leave for the girls I screw, letting them know exactly how much I enjoyed myself ... or didn't enjoy myself.

That's enough about me ... how about you?  What's your number?

-- Dexter MacFadden, from Calling Card by Ashley Suzanne


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  24. I vote for Maxwell Knight
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    Novel:  Commitment

    Author:  Heather Dahlgren

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